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We will communicate with you via e-mail or through notices published in this Website. You hereby accept that all agreements, notices, disclosures and other kind of communications, that we will electronically deliver to you, fulfill all legal requirements that provide that such communications shall be made in writing. 


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Personal Data. - The Final Client, Distributor and/or Website user hereby freely and expressly accept and consent that the information, documentation, and personal data (the “Personal Data”) that he voluntarily provided or, in a future, will voluntarily provide to SANKI, through this Website, shall be processed and incorporated to a database managed by SANKI, for purposes of duly providing the Services which are offered throughout the Website. SANKI will use the Personal Data voluntarily provided by the Final Client, Distributor and/or Website user to create an Account in the Website to enable the specific features of the Account and its functions, as well as to maintain an appropriate communication between the Final Client, Distributor and/or Website user and SANKI, for purposes of SANKI supplying the services and products that the Final Client, Distributor and/or Website user requested and reporting any modifications thereto. 

SANKI´s Privacy Notice, as well as its privacy policy, will always be available for consultation of any person, entity, or authority, on its web page https://sankiglobal.com/.


The content of this Website, including without limitation its text, trademarks, logos, distinctive signs, graphics, videos, music and/or audio, interactive content and other materials, as well as the database and software are property of SANKI, or of its affiliate and subsidiary companies, or a license has been granted in favor of SANKI or any of its affiliate or subsidiary companies, therefore, such material is protected by the corresponding intellectual property rights. It is hereby strictly prohibited its use, reproduction and/or exploitation in any way and through any media. The Final Client, Distributor and/or Website user will exclusively use the Website´s information and content for the purposes provided in these Terms, therefore, it is hereby expressly forbidden for the Final Client, Distributor and/or Website user to use such information and content for personal purposes. Additionally, such information and content shall not be used, copied and/or reproduced. 

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It is hereby forbidden to:

  • Repost the content of this Website (including reposting it in another website); 
  • Sell, lease or sublicense the Website´s content;
  • Show the Website´s content in public;
  • Reproduce, duplicate, copy or exploiting in any other way this Website´s content for commercial purposes;
  • Edit or modify any of the Website´s content; or
  • Redistribute the Website´s content (with the exception of the content expressly available for its redistribution). 

In the event any content is available for its redistribution, such content shall only be redistributed within the organization of the Final Client, Distributor and/or Website user. 

SANKI is the owner of the industrial property rights related to its products and services, as well of those related to its trademarks and/or domain names, including without limitation “sanki.com”. Sanki Global does not grant any kind of license, right or use authorization over its industrial property rights, intellectual property rights or any kind of title or right related to these Website. 

Acceptable Use. 

You should never use the Website in any way that causes or may cause any damage to the Website or to the Website´s availability or accessibility; or in any way that may be illegal, contrary to law, fraudulent or harmful, or connected to any purpose or activity that is unlawful, illegal, fraudulent or harmful. 

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No data recollection activity shall be made on this Website or related thereto, whether it is systematic or automatic (including without limitation to backups, data mining, data extraction and data collection), without SANKI´s prior written express authorization for such purposes. 

You shall not use this Website to transfer or send any unsolicited commercial communications. This Website shall not be used for marketing purposes without SANKI´s prior written authorization.

Restricted Access. 

Access to certain areas of this Website is restricted. SANKI hereby reserves the right to restrict access to other Website´s areas, even to access the Website at all, at SANKI´s sole discretion.

In the event SANKI grants you with a username and password to access the Website´s restricted areas or other content or service, you shall always make sure that such username and password are kept confidential. 

SANKI may disable your username and password at its sole entire discretion, without any kind of previous notice or explanation. 

User´s Content.

For purposes of these terms and conditions, the term “User´s Content” shall mean the material (including without limitations the text, images, audio material, video material and audiovisual material) that any user sends to this Website for any kind of purpose. 

You hereby grant SANKI with a global, irrevocable, non-exclusive and free of royalties’ license to use, reproduce, adapt, post, translate and distribute the User´s Content through any existing or future media. You also hereby grant SANKI with the authorization to sublicense these rights and with the right to initiate the required legal action in the event of any breach to the herein mentioned rights. 

The User´s Content shall never be illegal or contrary to law, it shall never damage any third-party rights and it shall not originate any kind of legal action whether against SANKI, you or any third-party (in any case subject to the applicable law).

You shall not provide to the Website any User´s Content that is or has been under any kind of legal procedure or is or was subject to any kind of claim.

SANKI hereby reserves the right to edit or eliminate any material that has been sent to the Website, or has been stored in SANKI´s servers, or was kept or posted on this Website.

Despite of SANKI´s rights related to the User´s Content, as provided in these terms and conditions, SANKI does not commit to track the delivery of such content, or the posts made of such content in any website. 

No guarantees.

This Website is shown exactly as it is and does not offer any kind of representation or guarantee, expressed or implied. We do not make any kind of representation or guarantee related to this Website or the information and material herein contained. 

The No-guarantee principle stated above includes without limitation that:

  • SANKI does not guarantee that this Website will be permanently available; and
  • SANKI does not guarantee that the information contained in this Website is complete, true, precise, and not misleading. 

Neither this Website nor its content constitutes, or pretends to constitute, advice of any kind. 

If you need any advice with respect to legal, financial, or medical matters, you should seek the corresponding professional advice. 

Website Use. 

You are entirely responsible of having the sufficient control measures and procedures to satisfy your specific requests with respect to the entrance and exit of data and to keep an external media to restore any kind of lost data. SANKI does not guarantee that the Website files available for download are free of malware, worms, Trojan horse viruses or any kind of programming routines that may be designed to harm, interfere, intercept, or expropriate any personal system, data or information. 

This Website httpss://sankiglobal.com/ is the official website, therefore if the Final Client, Distributor and/or Website user accesses a website or web page different than the webpage above mentioned, it shall be under its own risk and sole responsibility.

SANKI´s Independent Distributors. 

SANKI does not control, neither it is responsible for, any information, in any media, that has been provided by any of its Independent Distributors.  

SANKI’s Independent Distributors (“Distributors”) are external contractors independent from SANKI and we are not responsible for the declarations, acts and omissions made by such Distributors, whether related to this Website or to any other context.

Products and Purchase Prices.

  1. Products and purchases prices: all invoices and any other related information provided to this Website shall be true and accurate. 

Providing any false or inaccurate information is deemed as a breach to these Terms of Use and, in the event that you are a Distributor, it may also be a breach to your Independent Distributor Agreement. 

By completing the payment procedure, you guarantee that you have the legal right to use any credit card or any other payment method used to pay any transaction. 

In the event any product or service has a typo or mistaken price, SANKI is entitled to cancel or reject such orders. Whenever such event occurs, if any charge was made to your credit card, SANKI will immediately refund the exact amount corresponding to such charge to the bank account of your credit card. 

General Aspects related to purchasing products on the Website. 

The prices of the products available on the Website, as long as they appear thereto, will only be effective and applicable on the Website, therefore they shall not be applicable on other sales channels used by SANKI, such as catalogues. 

SANKI will inform through the Website itself, in a clear and easy to access way, the steps that you should follow to purchase a product and for undertaking any other operation thereat. Specifically, it is hereby expressly made of your knowledge that any purchase order submitted by the Final Client, Distributor and/or Website user, shall be subject to a validation process by means of which SANKI will verify the identity, age and the efficacy of the selected payment method of the Final Client, Distributor and/or Website user. If any issue arises from the mentioned validation process, SANKI will duly inform you.

Once successfully concluded the above-mentioned validation process, SANKI will send the corresponding confirmation to the e-mail address registered by the Final Client, Distributor and/or Website user. From that moment on, the agreement shall be deemed entered by the Parties for all legal purposes, being SANKI entitled to charge the corresponding amount to the selected payment method. Additionally, for purposes of delivering the products, SANKI will inform you the estimated arrival date.  

If an issue arises from the aforementioned validation process due to the user´s identity, inefficiency of the selected payment method or the age of the Final Client, Distributor and/or Website user, according to the mentioned commercial practices, SANKI will immediately inform such situation, explaining the reason why such order could not be validated. 

SANKI will provide the relevant information regarding the shipment status of any product, to the Final Client, Distributor and/or Website user that might request it. 

Payment methods that may be used on the Website. 

Unless otherwise stated for specific occasions and offers, the products offered on this Website can only be paid for by using any of the payment methods mentioned below: 

  1. Visa and MasterCard bank credit cards;
  2. Bank debit cards issued in Mexico or abroad by national and international banking institutions. The electronic payment system will automatically charge the corresponding amount to the User´s bank account if it is available.  
  3. Through electronic payment platforms.

The use of credit and debit cards shall be subject to the provisions of these Terms and Conditions and, with respect to their relationship with its issuer bank, to the terms of the corresponding agreements, manuals and/or applicable regulations. In case of any discrepancy the latter shall prevail. 

The User hereby accepts that SANKI will send him the corresponding invoices through digital devices. 

Shipping and Delivery of Products. 

All products that are purchased through the Website shall be subject to the shipment and delivery conditions that are informed in the purchase process. The information with respect to the address where the products shall be delivered is exclusively the Final Client, Distributors and/or Website user´s responsibility. The number of days required for the shipment and delivery of a product shall begin as of the date on which its purchase was made. It is hereby expressly made of your knowledge that any shipping fees shall be exclusively paid by the Final Client, Distributor and/or Website user. For purposes of tracking the delivery of the corresponding product, the Final Client, Distributor and/or Website user shall access to its account, identifying itself with its username and password, and then select the option “Track my Order”.

Payment Refunds. 

When a consumer has purchased SANKI products by means of electronic commerce mechanisms and has made the corresponding payment with a credit or debit card, or with any other electronic payment instrument, SANKI, as well as the banking institute issuer of the payment instrument, shall reimburse the amount of the payment requested by the consumer, in any of the following events: i) when the consumer was subject of a fraud, ii) when such payment corresponds to an unrequested operation, iii) when the purchased product is not delivered to the consumer, iv) when the delivered product is not the product it was requested, does not comply with the characteristics inherent to the product or attributed to it by the information provided regarding such product, and v) when the delivered product is a defective one. 

For SANKI to revise a payment, whenever one of the above-mentioned events takes place, the consumer should send SANKI a complaint, through the media stablished for such purposes, within the five (5) following business days as of the date on which the consumer discovers the fraudulent or not requested operation, or as of the date on which the consumer was supposed to receive the product or received a defective product or a product that does not correspond to the products requested by the consumer. 

Promotions and Discounts.

Unless otherwise expressly stated, the promotions and discounts that may be offered on the Website are not necessarily the same promotions and discounts that may be offered on other SANKI sales channels.

In the promotions consisting in giving a free product or a discount over the price of a product when purchasing another one, the free or discounted product will be delivered to the same address where the purchased product is to be delivered. 

The promotions and sales that SANKI posts on the Website are essentially temporal.

SANKI hereby reserves the right to:

  1. Set conditions for any coupon, coupon code, promotion code or any other promotion to be deemed as valid.
  2. Change without any prior notice the description of a product.
  3. Limit the availability of any product or service.
  4. Refuse to provide any service to any User or client. 
  5. Promotions: this Website may contain promotions or contests that may require material or information regarding you, or your distribution, for you to participate in such promotions or contests. These promotions and contests may be subject to a set of different terms and conditions that include eligibility requirements and restrictions. In the event you decide to take part of any of those promotions or contests it will be your sole responsibility to read and understand such terms and conditions. Your participation in any promotion or/and contest will be deemed as an express acceptance of the terms and conditions of such promotion or contest.
  6. Reimbursements: if you wish to return any SANKI product, please consult our return policy at https://www.sankiglobal.com/US/En/regulatory.
  7. The price and availability of any of SANKI´s products or services may be amended or modified, from time to time, without any prior notice. 

Limitation of Liability. 

SANKI shall not be held responsible for any damages and losses, whether direct, indirect, unexpected, or punishable (including, without limitation, in the events when SANKI was warned of such damages and losses), which damages or losses may result from any aspect of the use of this Website by the Final Client, Distributor and/or Website user, whether such damages and losses were caused by using or misusing the Website, derived of the inability to use the Website, or because of the Website´s interruption, suspension, modification, amendment, or cancelation.

Neither SANKI nor any other party involved in the creation, production or distribution of the Website shall be held responsible, with respect to the Website´s content, its use or in any other way connected thereto (whether applicable in terms of the contact law, responsibility law or any other law), in the following situations:

  • Of any direct losses, since there is no charge to access the Website;
  • Of any indirect, special, or resulting losses; or 
  • Of any commercial losses, income losses, or losses with respect to any foreseen income, proceedings or savings, loss of any commercial contract or business relationship, reputation loss or good will loss, or information and data loss or corruption. 

These limitations of liability are applicable even if SANKI was expressly informed or warned with respect of such potential losses. 


These terms and conditions shall not exclude or limit any implicit guarantee granted by law, in a way that such exclusion or limitation may be illegal, exclusive, or limited. No provision of these Terms and Conditions will exclude or limit SANKI´s liability when any of the following events occur: 

  • Dead or personal injury caused by SANKI´s negligence; 
  • Fraud or fraudulent distortion of information incurred by SANKI; or  
  • In any event in which SANKI may try to illegally exclude or limit, or pretends to exclude or limit, its responsibility. 

Reasonable Judgment. 

By using this Website, you hereby accept that the limitations to liability herein provided are reasonable. 

If you consider that such limitations are not reasonable, please abstain from using the Website. 

User´s Comments. 

SANKI will have the right to use any concept, idea, knowledge, or technique included in the comments or answers to the questions that any User may propose or develop for the Website or the Company, therefore SANKI will be able to use it for any purposes, including without limitation, the development, fabrication, and commercialization of products that may include such information. This information will be deemed as non-confidential information. 

The Final Client, Distributor and/or Website user shall not use, introduce, or announce in its Account any content that may be offensive, illegal or discriminatory, may lead to confusion or a mistake, could be confused with any of the trademarks commercialized by SANKI, its sub-brands, its products, as well as with the products and trademarks of any other company, with any copyright related to SANKI or any third party, or with any right of personality of a third party and/or of any other User, neither such content that SANKI, at its sole discretion, may deem inadequate. SANKI may suspend and/or ban, temporarily or permanently, the Final Consumer and/or Distributor that violates the dispositions herein provided. 

International Users. 

If you access this Website from somewhere outside the United Mexican States (Estados Unidos Mexicanos), you are accessing under your own risk and it is your sole responsibility to comply with the laws of your jurisdiction, except for those related to governing law and choice of forum. You cannot use this Website in breach of the export laws and regulations of the United Mexican States (Estados Unidos Mexicanos).

Other Aspects. 

You hereby accept that SANKI is a limited liability company, therefore SANKI has interest in limiting the personal liability of its officers and employees. Additionally, you hereby accept that you will not submit any claim against any of SANKI´s officers or employees with respect to any losses you may experience related to this Website. 

Notwithstanding the prohibition stated in the above paragraph, you hereby accept that the guarantee and liability limitations provided in these Terms and Conditions protect SANKI as well as its officers, employees, agents, subsidiaries, successors, assignees, and subcontractors. 

Invalid Dispositions. 

If at any time any of the provisions set forth in these Terms and Conditions are found to be invalid under applicable laws, those provisions will be deemed void, and the rest of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions of this Website will still be considered valid.

System Interruptions.

SANKI will periodically schedule the suspension of the operation of the system for maintenance purposes and other purposes. The interruption of the system may occur. The Company will not be liable in the event of lack of accessibility on the Website or with respect to any data loss or failed transactions caused by system interruptions, whether such interruptions were planned or not planned. Likewise, SANKI will not be responsible for the resulting delays, incorrect delivery or undelivered information caused by such system interruptions, any third-party act, or any other interruption of the host web or the Internet infrastructure and network external to the Website. 


By using this Website you indemnify and hold harmless SANKI and its officers, affiliates, successors, assignees, directors, agents, service suppliers and employees from any actions, claims, losses, damages, liabilities and expenses including reasonable legal fees, initiated by a third-party arising out of, or related to, a violation of these Terms and Conditions, or any breach to the declarations and guarantees provided hereby, the use of, or access to, this Website, or any violation to third-party rights including, without limitation, copyrights, property and privacy rights. Therefore, you hereby agree to indemnify and hold SANKI harmless from any losses, damages, costs, liabilities and expenses (including, without limitation, legal fees and any amount that may be paid by SANKI to a third-party to settle a claim or argument, with the advice of SANKI´s attorneys) incurred by SANKI as a result of any violation by you of these Terms and Conditions, or related to any claim with respect to your violation to any disposition of these Terms and Conditions. 

Violations to these Terms and Conditions. 

Notwithstanding any other rights to which SANKI may be entitled under these Terms and Conditions, if you violate any provision of these Terms and Conditions in any way, SANKI will undertake the measures it deems appropriate to deal with such violation, including, without limitation, the suspension of your Website access, forbidding your access to the Websites, blocking the Website access to all computers that use your IP address, requesting your Internet provider to block your access to the Website, and/or initiate legal procedures against you. 

Changes and Amendments. 

SANKI may change and/or amend these Terms and Conditions from time to time. The amended Terms and Conditions shall be applicable with respect to the use of this Website as of the date on which such amended Terms and Conditions are posted on this Website. Please check periodically these Terms and Conditions to make sure you are familiar with the latest version.


SANKI may transfer, subcontract or deal with its rights and/or obligations arising out of these Terms and Conditions without giving you prior notice and without your prior consent. 

You cannot transfer, subcontract or deal with your rights and obligations stemming out of these Terms and Conditions. 

Third-Party Rights. 

No person, other than the parties to this Agreement, has the intent to be a beneficiary of this Agreement, likewise, no person, other than the parties to this Agreement, will have the right to request the fulfillment of any of its terms. 


If at any time a court or competent authority finds that any of the provisions set forth in these Terms and Conditions is illegal and/or invalid under applicable laws, the rest of these Terms and Conditions will still be considered valid. If any of those illegal and/or invalid provisions can become legal and/or valid by eliminating a part of it, then such part will be deemed void and removed, and the rest of such provision will still be considered effective and valid. 

Entire Agreement. 

These Terms and Conditions, together with our Privacy Policy, Legal Notice and Limitation of Liability, Procedures for Policies and Code of Ethics and the Distribution Agreement entered between SANKI and the Independent Distributor, constitute the whole agreement between you and SANKI with respect to the use of this Website and prevails over all other preceding agreements and/or negotiations entered or made in such respect. 

Headings Interpretation.

All headings used in this Agreement are for reference purposes only and do not affect the interpretation of this Agreement. 


We can suspend or cancel the access to the Website, under our own criteria, in the event the User violates this Agreement and the agreements and policies included hereto, if the User provides false or fraudulent information which we were not able to authenticate or verify, and for any other motive that is not provided in this Agreement, but that can endanger the integrity, security or the economic interests of the Company, its associates, other Website users or their distributors. 

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction. 

These Terms and Conditions will be governed and interpreted according to the laws of the United Mexican States (Estados Unidos Mexicanos). The Final Clients and/or Distributors and SANKI hereby accept that any argument, conflict or controversy that may arise out of the use of this Terms and Conditions, their interpretation, application and/or compliance, will be submitted to the jurisdiction of the courts of Mexico City, therefore, the Parties hereto expressly resign to any other jurisdiction that may be applicable. 

The updated version of these Terms and Conditions will be published on SANKI´S Website and shall be effective immediately thereafter. We recommend that the Final Client, Distributor and/or Website user verifies these Terms and Conditions each time that he uses the Website, specially before purchasing any product, to check if total or partial changes were made thereto. The constant use of this Website and/or use of this Website after the Final Client, Distributor and/or Website user has purchased a product, will be deemed as consent and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. 

SANKI hereby reserves its right to change, amend, suspend, interrupt or replace, from time to time, these “Terms and Conditions” (including, without limitation, the availability of any feature, data base or content), at its sole discretion. 

Registry and Authorizations. 

No Final Client, Distributor and/or Website user will use, without SANKI´s prior written authorization, SANKI´s trademarks, commercial advertisements, commercial names, and/or other distinctive signs, inventions, patents, designs, industrial designs, utility models, or any other industrial creations according to Mexican law, work or art pieces protected by copyright, rights related thereto, exclusive use rights reservation, domain names and/or any other Industrial and/or Intellectual Property rights, whether registered and/or patented or not. The Final Clients, Distributors and/or Website users will not reproduce, for sales or distribution purposes, any recorded event or speech of the Company, without SANKI´s prior written authorization, neither can they reproduce, for sales or personal purposes, any of the Company´s presentation recorded in audio or video. The name “SANKI”, and other names as such may be adapted or registered by SANKI in any country of the world, are trademarks property of SANKI or of its directors, subsidiary or affiliate companies and/or its business partners. Therefore, these trademarks are very valuable to SANKI, and the Final Clients, Distributors and/or Website users may only use them with prior written authorization granted by SANKI. 

The Final Clients, Distributors and/or Website users cannot announce themselves in the phonebook using the name and/or logos of SANKI, its products, trademarks, designs, symbols, slogans (and any other material belonging to SANKI, without limitation). The Final Clients, Distributors and/or Website users cannot answer the phone saying “SANKI”, “SANKI GLOBAL”, “SANKI Mexico” or in any other way that could make the caller think that he has called SANKI´s corporate offices. Likewise, the Final Clients, Distributors and/or Website users cannot use other people names, company names, designs or symbols for purposes of advertising their SANKI business, without prior written authorization of the corresponding owners. 

The Final Client, Distributor and/or Website user hereby accepts to not use SANKI´S trademarks, commercial advertisements and/or other distinctive signs, inventions, patents, designs, industrial designs, utility models or any other industrial creations according to Mexican law, work or art pieces protected by copyright, rights related thereto, exclusive use rights reservation, domain names and/or any other Industrial and/or Intellectual Property rights, whether registered and/or patented or not, nor promoting, advertising or selling SANKI´s products in conjunction with any trademark different than SANKI´s trademarks and its other Intellectual or Industrial Property rights, unless SANKI has granted the Final Client, Distributor and/or Website user prior written authorization for such purposes. The Final Client, Distributor and/or Website user hereby accepts and acknowledges that the registry or any other form of protection of SANKI´s trademarks and other Industrial or Intellectual Property rights, whether in Mexico or abroad, may only be requested and/or obtained by SANKI.  

Updated and effective as of December 2021.