Nanotechnology applied to cellular health

BelAge is the result of more than 20 years of research infermentation technologies, containing an active ingredientwith very high bioavailability: Orisod Enzyme III.
Through a biotechnology process we obtain our active ingredient from the extracts of Rosemary and Olive leaves. Each serving of BelAge gives your body 14,000 trillion nanoparticles with metabolites (postbiotics) that are beneficial to your body.

The antioxidant action of BelAge is effective thanksto its nanotechnology named ADS (AdvancedDelivery System) technology that has a controlled release of ingredients based on your biologicalspecification: it slows or accelerates the releasedepending on your individual needs.
It also controlsthe release of ingredients in specific areas of the body and prevents premature digestion of the ingredients in the stomach.

Why it is unique? 

Nanotechnology applied to increase fat burning

Kronuit Fire stimulates the decrease in the absorption ofcarbohydrates and sugars from food intake while increasing thermogenesis (fat burning) which contributesto the elimination of fatty tissue.
This is done thanks to its Oxylia Night Reset and TOG technologies that we obtainthrough a biotechnology process that gets the extractsfrom Black Beans and Olive, Rosemary and Green Tealeaves.

The product development of Kronuit Fire focusedon understanding the body and its internal clock which signals the organs at the moments in which they should function, based in activity.
This is known as Chronobiology.
During the night the storage of fats increases. That process must be balanced, decreasing the quantity of sugar in the blood stream. Modern life leads us toeat in a disorderly fashion during the day provoking arise in glucose, which leads to glycation,inflammation and insulin
resistance. Kronuit Fire is used to prevent this unnatural process.

Why it is unique? 

Biotechnology from the ocean to alkalize your body

Inner 7 contains Metabolites (postbiotics) andbiominerals that come from deep ocean water
(321 metersdeep). Additionally it is enriched with natural magnesium, the second most abundant element in human cells; it is amacro mineral that the body requires in large amounts.

Research has shown that a diet abundant with processed foods, a sedentary physical lifestyle, and other bad habits can lead to the loss of essential minerals, starting with Magnesium.
This absencecan generate multiple illnesses such as migraines, kidney stones, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Inner7 is the solution to your body’s recovery.

Why it is unique? 

Japanese technology  that complements your nutrition.

Powder to prepare a vanilla or chocolate-flavored drink, with different metabolites and combined to favor your nutrigenetic*.

Bovia’s novel and innovative ADS (Advanced Delivery System) technology, which provides a renewing nutritional experience* thanks to the controlled release of its components in an effective way and with better assimilation, through nanoparticles that complement the natural energy in an intelligent way*, along with good nutrition.

Why it is unique? 

All this products is not a medicine. The benefits of our products may vary from person to person, depending on their age, gender, lifestyle, among others.

More than 40 years  of research in Biotechnology and healthscience searching for longevity.

  • The secret of Japanese health and longevity lies inthe intestines. They are distinguished by a microbiota with verydiverse and resistant bacteria, which, by fermentingfood, produce metabolites that are essential forgood health and longevity.

    Metabolites are compounds that are producedfrom intestinal bacteria (microbiota) due to fermentation. Foods that are not absorbed in the intestine are fermented by bacteria, the product of this fermentation is metabolites.

How to take it

01 / 7:00am

Take 1 stick pack of Belage and 1sachet of Inner 7 in 500 ml ofwater to kick-start your day.

02 / 2:00 pm

Take 1 stick pack of Kronuit Firein 250 ml of hot or cold waterto burn fat.

03 / 5:00 pm

Take 1 stick pack of Belage in 250ml of water to keep your energy.

04 / 9:00 pm

Take 1 stick pack of Kronuit Fireand 1 sachet of Inner 7 in 250 ml of hot water to reduce the absorption of carbohydrates and sugars from your food and to enjoy a restful and repairing sleep.