What are You Eating?

What are You Eating?

What are you eating?


How great would it be if you could feel better without having to count calories or spend hours in the gym? It all comes down to how you select foods that maximize your body’s ability to burn fat and build muscle. Once you fuel your body for success, you’ll be on the road to having the body, the strength, and the energy to live life to the fullest. Here we share a few keys to get you started on the path to better nutrition.

  • Eat Your Veggies and Fruit
  • Easier said than done we know because when you think vegetables, you must think vitamins.
  • Eating plenty of fresh veggies every day ensures that you:
  • Consume natural sources of vitamins and minerals 
  • Optimize your body’s ability to shed fat and build muscle
  • Look and feel healthier 

We all know that we’re supposed to eat vegetables to be healthy. It might seem basic, but that’s the point! Quit making it so complicated and just remember to eat your veggies!

Know Your Nutrients

Carbs have also received a lot of negative press lately, but that’s mostly due to the difference between “good” carbs and “bad” carbs. Good carbs contain valuable fiber and burn a little more slowly to give your body lasting energy, while bad carbs have little to no nutritional value and are used up so quickly they leave you craving more. 

The easiest way to recognize good carbs from bad is to look at whether the carb is still in its “whole” form. Keep in mind that high-sugar foods are almost always going to land on the bad carb list because of the negative effect sugar has on the body. Here are some examples of good carbohydrates and their less wholesome alternatives: 

  • Rolled Oats vs Instant Flavored Oatmeal packets
  • Baked Sweet Potato vs Potato Chips
  • Whole Orange vs Orange Juice
  • Wheat Bran vs Wheat Bread

Recognizing healthy food options and knowing how to combine nutrients to create a balanced meal, you will see how easy it is to fuel your body the right way. These are just some essentials of living a healthier life that helps you look better, feel better, and live better. 

We are a global health company and are here to provide you with information about our amazing products, health tips, and fitness resources. Our goal is to continue to educate the world on how to live a better life not just by consuming our products, but changing the unhealthy habits we as a society have created and continue to develop.

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