What are dietary supplements? And why should I care?

What are dietary supplements? And why should I care?

This question may be an easy answer for some, but for most it’s a bit more difficult. How do we even begin to define the word diet, is it weight loss, sugar free foods, vitamins, exercise, etc. In today’s day in age, you have to be aware of what and how you consume foods, reading labels and understanding the consumption of food is more important today that it ever has been. Read on to see how supplements may help your health and increase your longevity.

Most athletes consume food supplements as an added benefit to their diet. Several scientific studies over the past 20 years have proven the beneficial effects of supplements in increasing sports performance and improving the quality of life. Today, who wouldn’t want this? However, there are still many questions about what different types of supplements can do. Below are some of the best-known nutritional reasons on why people use supplements.

Supplements are concentrated substances intended to supplement the regular diet, in other words they help fill in the gaps of daily diets. They serve several functions depending on the needs and objectives of the individual. Some people take them to complete the lack of nutrients in their diet, others for therapeutic purposes. More importantly athletes use them to increase strength, speed and endurance when training.

There are several types of supplements intended for different objectives of each person. It is necessary to do research before consuming any supplement to understand if it will be beneficial to you. You have to assess your lifestyle and find the gaps, to fully take advantage of supplements and their benefits.

Food substitutes are supplements whose purpose is to provide a complete and practical meal, with proportions of macronutrients and exact calories to replace unbalanced meals. Meal replacements allow for practical and nutritious meals because, in addition to having high quality macronutrients, they are also reinforced with vitamins and minerals giving your body exactly what it needs.

Be aware that not all supplements may be beneficial to your body, always consult your physician on what your body is lacking and proceed with their recommendations. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends searching products at sites or companies recognized by health authorities. Its best practice to consult a doctor or nutritionist before consuming food supplements. This provides a better diagnosis of what your body may need.

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