Powerful Benefits of Olives and Rosemary

Powerful Benefits of Olives and Rosemary

The olive is a food that is part of the Mediterranean diet and in addition to being an excellent appetizer or being part of different foods, it has properties that benefit health and improve the quality of life. While so many of it’s components of the olive can provide health benefits, the unsaturated fatty acids it contains pay a very important role in cardiovascular health. These properties protect the arteries from the accumulation of fats in their internal walls, preventing cardiovascular problems.

Even more, the olive contains polyphenols that fulfill an important antioxidant function. This property prevents the appearance of degenerative diseases such as cancer, diseases of the nervous system, etc, as well as helps reduce cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. For that reason you wonder why so many people have included olives as a healthy lifestyle choice into their diets.

Additionally, rosemary is a plant very rich in active ingredients and has numerous medicinal properties, among others, is antiseptic, antispasmodic, aromatizing, cleansing, stomach stimulants, carminative, cholagogue that facilitates the expulsion of bile, diuretic and hypotensive.

The key nutrient in rosemary is acetylcholine, an important neurotransmitter that is responsible for speeding up the function of the brain.Rosemary turns out to be one of the most potent herbs as a natural antibiotic. Like its relatives the Mint, Salvia and Thyme, which are all plants of the Labiatae family, have an exquisite aroma and medicinal properties.

The power as an antibiotic is however greater than that of the other herbs because it has carnosol or carnosolic acid which is a very potent antimicrobial agent. Therefore being so recommended and effective in the case of intestinal infections, and even used as part of the treatment of some venereal diseases.

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