Nanotechnology: The Road to Health & Happiness

Nanotechnology: The Road to Health & Happiness

Can nanotechnology give us superpowers


Have you noticed what goes on in the world around you? How things continue to expand in smaller, yet infinite ways? It is no wonder that for this reason, the world of technology has become a worldwide beast we must all learn to conquer.

Have you noticed how things are getting smaller, but better like cell phones, TVs, and computers? For example, have you ever wondered how astronauts foods are packaged in smaller containers and particles, keeping all their nutrients and benefits? In the near future, we will see a chicken in the form of a pill with the same nutrients minus the toxins, hormones and artificial ingredients they have in the conventional consumption today.

This kind of premise and vision has inspired some of the most brilliant minds in Technology & Science. One of them, Dr. Bejit Edeas, has created patented systems and processes to deliver nano-particles inside of our Mitochondria. How is this possible? Most importantly, why is this so vital to our day to day life?

Nanotechnology is the science that studies materials at the molecular and subatomic level. It involves the handling of particles smaller than 100 nanometers (just so you have an idea, one nanometer is one-billionth of a meter). The technology applied to that scale consists of the development of materials or devices within that size, invisible to the human eye and often several hundred times thinner than a strand of hair. The physics and chemistry of materials are radically different when they are reduced to the nano-scale since they have different strengths, conductivities, and reactivities. Therefore, the research and breakthroughs continue to revolutionize many fields such as medicine, healthcare & wellness for all living beings, giving us endless possibilities to better our lives and the lives of those we love day by day.

As a great example, one of the most important challenges of modern medicine is how to get the body to absorb the entire amount of medication administered to a patient. The use of nanotechnology allows medication to be administered in specific areas of treatment with greater precision and effectiveness. In addition, medications can be formulated so that the ingredient enters cell membranes reducing the dose required. In other words, Nanotechnology allows the medication to be fully absorbed directly on a cellular level reducing the dose and increasing the benefits.

Worldwide, and increasing rapidly, cancer tops the list of diseases which can be treated with nanomedicine. In developing nations, the use of Nanotechnology is also being studied in the fight against infectious diseases such as HIV and tuberculosis. It is well known publicly that medication is not sufficient to permanently destroy any kind of illness. In fact, most of the medication consumed is used to treat the symptoms but not the root cause.

The discoveries from these minds such as Dr. Edeas have been astonishing. Through them, we have learned how natural ingredients transformed into nanoparticles combined with the right technology can effectively penetrate the cell walls and deliver the active ingredients inside our Mitochondria (the cell power producer). Thanks to committed and resourceful minds such as Dr. Edeas, his research, and breakthroughs in nano and biotechnology allow us to better our lives in unimaginable ways.

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