How Does Sugar Affect The Body?

How Does Sugar Affect The Body?

Do you know how sugar affects our body? Is that the question we all have daily? Can you think of a time where you never ate sugar in a single day or even a few hours? Learn about the effects of sugar and how you can improve your health today. 

Experts in medicine and nutrition consider some foods frequently consumed as being responsible for the emergence of most diseases. Without going any further, sugar has been in focus for decades as the silent killer, given the scientific studies that authenticate its harmful effects on our lives. Many experts advise reducing or eliminating it from our diet completely to prevent and avoid many diseases. 

Also, these studies talk about sugar as a harmful food for the body if we ingest it in excess amounts. As a result, it is associated with the appearance of problems such as the following: 

Weight gain: Generally, foods high in sugar contain a high percentage of calories and saturated fats. This excessive caloric intake causes an increase in weight and increases the risk of over- weight and / or obesity. 

Fluid retention: This involves swelling in areas such as the hands, legs and the contour of the eyes, as well as the appearance of dark circles, varicose veins and spider veins. Of course, it also negatively affects the circulation of blood. 

Dental problems: Sugar is the leading cause of the bacteria present in the mouth, which in turn give rise to more cavities. The greater our consumption of sugar, the greater the amount is for bacteria, which affect our teeth, bones and gums. 

Skin conditions: The excess of sugar causes us to have lower levels of vitamin C. Lack of these vitamins may cause wrinkles in the skin and the accelerated rate in aging. 

Cardiovascular diseases: Sugar adds harmful elements to our blood, which hinders circulation. 

These are just brief overviews of how harmful sugar can be. It’s best to find simple alternatives and implement these into our daily diets along with an active lifestyle. We invite you to read more of our articles to learn about the latest discoveries in health and new alternatives to make your life a healthy one. 

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