Castor Oil Benefits

Castor Oil Benefits

For thousands of years people have been using castor oil as a multi purpose solution to everyday problems. Whether its fuel for ancient lamps or a natural remedy to induce labor in pregnant women, castor oil has proven through centuries to be one of the best and most beneficial oils. Here are some benefits of Caster oil and how they apply to you today.

One of the main solutions Castor oil is famous for, is its properties as a natural laxative. Although it also has other benefits worth mentioning, its different applications have different effects. It’s named as a laxative because it increases the movement of the muscles that push material through the intestines, helping to clear the bowels. When taking orally, this oil breaks down the intestines and aids in bowel movements quickly.

Apart from constipation, there are many conditions that can be treated with this oil. For example, castor oil can be used to relieve the pain of arthritis, soothe skin irritations, stings, eczema and fight infections thanks to its antibacterial and anti-fungal action. The benefits are almost endless, but what is the main ingredient responsible for its great powerful remedies that are proven throughout the years?

Origins of the oil comes from the extraction of ricinoleic acids from the seed that receives the same name. These ricinoleic acids are exclusively responsible for most of the benefits. The castor plant is native to India and was known as “Palma Christe”, since it was said that its leaves were similar to the hand of Christ. Perhaps for this reason, so many healing properties are attributed to it.

Castor oil has multiple uses such as:

Castor oil has become an ideal natural product to treat acne on the skin.

Being a powerful moisturizer, castor oil is very beneficial to care for dry skin and maintain moisture in the dermis.

Another great cosmetic benefits of castor oil is that it is great for the aging of the skin.

If your hair is damaged, castor oil is a very effective in strengthening and repairing it along with eliminating dandruff from your scalp.

Due to its high content of vitamin E, castor oil is very beneficial to strengthen and keep our nails looking good.

Castor oil can be used as a body oil for anti-inflammatory massages and relieve muscle and joint ailments.

For all these reasons listed, castor oil should be incorporated into our daily lives. Do you have any other remedies or solutions using castor oil? Leave you comments and share a story if you have used castor oil as a home remedy.

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